Turkmall signature on Anatolia’s social life

Accelerating its nationwide investments in 2012 with Novada Outlet Söke, Turkmall will continue to invigorate local social lives all across Anatolia after this year’s future Şanlıurfa, Yozgat and Ordu openings following Samsun, Istanbul, Tokat, Akhisar, Konya, İzmit, Edremit and Manavgat.

Providing funding, leasing, management and marketing services to shopping malls including but not limited to Novada Outlet Söke, Bulvar Samsun, Novada Ataşehir, Novada Tokat, UNIQ İstanbul, Novada Outlet Akhisar, Symbol Leisure Center, Novada Outlet Konya, Novada Edremit, Novada Çarşamba and Novada Manavgat, Turkmall will complete 5 new projects in the near future. Turkmall chooses regions lacking shopping and leisure centers to invest to. After Şanlıurfa and Yozgat, new Novadas will open for service in Ordu, Burhaniye and Elbistan through which 300 retailers will reach Anatolia and 20,000 more jobs will be created in around 1,000 new stores in total.
Turkmall provides a breath of fresh air to local urban social lives with its properly located and tailored for local needs shopping malls hosting 30 million guests annually since 2012. Especially through providing Anatolian people with varied cultural and artistic opportunities, Turkmall elevates the local living standards with social activities such as cinemas, concert halls, clubs and workshops.