People of Ataşehir had great time with Sertab Erener

Novada Ataşehir Shopping Centre brightened the social life of Ataşehir with Sertab Erener concert held in May. The concert series will continue until October .

Sertab Erener was the first guest of series of public concerts organised by Novada Ataşehir. Staying on the stage for 90 minutes nonstop, Erener performed songs from her 13rd solo album, “Sade”, as well as her most popular songs. Her enthusiastic fans on the streets had great time while singing along Sertab Erener. Erener’s spectacular performance was enjoyed by audiences including her young fans and families with children.

Inviting audiences in balconies around the shopping centre to the concert area, Erener announced that a video clip will be shot for one of her songs, “Öyle de Güzel, Böyle de Güzel”, and asked audiences to wish good luck for herself. Addressing her fans with saying “Be colourful. I love you,” Erener ended her performance with the song “Rengarenk”.
The concerts in Novada Ataşehir will continue with Yalın, La Descarga and Kerem Turhan.