New Symbol of Kocaeli: Symbol 262

Turkmall develops the new symbol of Kocaeli, Symbol 262. With a 120,000 m2 of GLA, the shopping centre will be opened by the end of 2014.

Symbol 262 is planned to be the new centre of attraction in Kocaeli, of which project development, leasing and management are undertaken by Turkmall. Gathering together the biggest private hospital of the region, a hotel, and a shopping centre, the project will add value to the region with its location facing one of the modern housing districts of Kocaeli, Yahya Kaptan, and D-100 highway.

With its architectural design full of surprises and its attractive shop mix including national and international brands, Symbol 262 will provide an organised, comfortable and pleasant shopping experience that the region long-waited for.

Planned to bring dynamism to the commercial and social life of the region, Symbol 262 includes luxury brands, a hypermarket, an electronics market, a cinema, and entertainment areas. The DIY market within the project, Baumax is opened in 2010. Symbol 262 is scheduled to complete by the end of 2014.