Joyful events were held at Novada Ataşehir

Novada Ataşehir has hosted children with joyful events. Children spent their midterm break with having fun and learning through experience thanks to the activities organized in the centre.

Novada Ataşehir, the modern and easily accessible shopping centre of Ataşehir district, offered amusing activities for its junior visitors in the midterm break, between 22 January and 10 February.  Children enjoyed themselves in Novada Ataşehir with the Minika Child Feast, the Bonsai workshop, costumed characters, workshops, the SwingCar race, vocational guidance with Green Box, Pepee’s World, and the 3rd Ataşehir Children’s Theatres Festival.

Birthday of Minika, a television channel broadcasting for children, was celebrated in Novada Ataşehir. Welcomed by costumed characters, hundreds of children enjoyed amusing games of painting, silly putty, making masks, and tournaments. Various gifts presented to all children participated to the events.

The first Turkish cartoon character that children watch admiringly on “TRT Çocuk” television channel, Pepee, juiced up the midterm break as well. Children played games and danced with the Pepee mascot.

Vocational guidance with Green Box was also one of the most attracting activities for children. Children enjoyed being photographed in Green Box as they were doing their dream job. Children mostly become a doctor, a civil engineer, and a policeman while chef and ballet dancer were also among popular professions.

Novada Ataşehir also hosted SwingCar races for children. Participants enjoyed cliff-hanger races for SwingCars all day long.

Free theatre plays

Organized by Ataşehir Municipality for the third time, Ataşehir Children’s Theatres Festival presented beautiful plays for children of all ages.

Aiming to provide amusing and instructing events in the midterm break for children, the festival held between 31 January and 10 February. Drawing great interest of children, 9 wonderful plays were performed for free during the festival. Within the scope of the festival, plays of Macera Treni [Train of Adventure] by Tiyatrokare, Şirinler [Smurfs] by 5 Taş Çocuk Tiyatrosu,Mutlu Prens [Happy Prince] by Sarıyer Sanat Tiyatrosu, Pamuk Prenses Mikroplar Ülkesinde [Snow White in the Land of Germs] by Uygur Çocuk Tiyatrosu, Mutluluğa Seyahat [Journey to Happiness] by Migros Çocuk Tiyatrosu, Her Şey Elimizde[Everything Is In Our Hands] by Tiyatro Yeniden, Benim Komik Dedişlerim [My Funny Grandpas] by Mavi Uçurtma Tiyatrosu,Hayat Çeşmesi [Fountain of Life] by Cengiz Küçükaymaz Tiyatrosu, and Avcı Kaçıyor [Run Away Hunter] byMavi Kumpanya have edutainted the children in their midterm break.