Summer in Novada Outlet Söke

People of Söke both amused and won gifts with the events organised in Novada Outlet Söke during the last summer. Hosting a range of concerts, Novada Outlet Söke gave the visitors various gifts with shopping campaigns.

Novada Outlet Söke was the only address for concerts of famous singers and bands during the last summer. The long-expected pop music singer, Keremcem has performed and met his fans in Novada Outlet Söke on Saturday, May 26. Performed for almost 10.000 fans, Keremcem has given his autographed CDs to his 20 fans, who are chosen from among the singer’s followers in social media.

Emre Altuğ was the surprise of June in Novada Outlet Söke. The pop music singer performed for 20.000 people on Saturday, June 30 while the shopping centre hosted 40.000 visitors during that day.

Live concerts continued with the band MetroBoss on July 7. Drawing attention with their performances in Istanbul venues, the band gave an unforgettable night to the visitors of Novada Outlet Söke.

La Descarga, the biggest band of the Latin music in Turkey, was in Novada Outlet Söke on July 15. The founder of the band, toumba player Luis Ernesto Gomez’s and his wife Gülseren Yıldırım Gomez’s live performance well appreciated.

In addition to these concerts, Novada Outlet Söke gave the opportunity to stay in Ceshme Plus Hotel for 3 days to its visitors, with the shopping campaign launched between June 14 and July 4. Visitors who spent more than 50 Turkish liras instantly won gifts for their holidays.