Samsun has a new meeting point

The historical Samsun Tobacco Factory has been renovated and transformed into Bulvar Life & Shopping Centre. Required a EUR 50 million investment, the centre has opened its doors in June.

Developed within the framework of the urban regeneration plan of the city centre, the historical Tobacco Factory has reopened its doors in June with the name Bulvar Life & Shopping Centre (Bulvar Samsun), offering a new meeting point for Samsun.

The Bulvar Samsun project is developed jointly by Torunlar REIT and Turkmall by renovation of the historical Tobacco Factory. Located in the very heart of the city, the 125 year-old factory was not in use for 18 years. Renovated within the framework of the urban regeneration plan of Samsun, the development was completed in only 25 months with hard work, retaining its original architectural charm. The project has required a EUR 50 million investment, and it is providing employment to 1.000 people.

Located right in the middle of the the city’s most popular shopping districts, Mecidiye and Gazi streets, on 19 Mayıs Boulevard, Bulvar Samsun is settled on a 20.000 square meters of land. The project provides an 18.000 square meters of GLA of which 13.500 square meters for stores, 3.000 square meters for restaurants and cafes, and 1.500 square meters for office and leisure space. Providing a 20.000 square meters of parking space, the shopping centre offers 45 brands.

Bulvar Samsun comprises of inner courts and a large square, which are also the main features of Anatolian architecture. There is a statue dedicated to labourers of the factory in the middle of the square, where cultural and entertainment activities are hold. Picturing a male and a female labourer in a tobacco leaf, the sculpture is created by sculptor Hakan Karakaya.