The historic Tobacco plant in Samsun now to come back alive as Bulvar Samsun

The historic Tobacco plant in Samsun now to come back alive as Bulvar Samsun

The old tobacco plant in Samsun, which remained idle for 18 years, is now fully restored. The tobacco plant was not merely important for Samsun, it also had a very important place for our national economy and is now being converted into the Bulvar Samsun Shopping and Lifestyle Center by 2 leading shopping center investors in Turkey,

Torunlar Real Estate Investment Trust and Turkmall Group.  The 50 million Euro project is about to go live in June.

Two of Turkey`s leading investors in shopping centers and commercial real estate, Torunlar REIT and Turkmall joined forces in building the Bulvar Samsun Shopping and Lifestyle Center, which is about to start operating in June this year. First built in 1887, the building served as a tobacco plant and played an important role in terms of economic activity. Since 1994, the building was desolate in the center of town, it is now fully renewed and will now start to operate as a result of urban gentrification in Samsun.

45 Local and international brands

Bulvar Samsun is centered in the junction of two high streets in town, Mecidiye and Gazi Streets and spans a total of 17400 m2. The shopping center operates 16000 m2 of leasable space, 11600 of which is made up of stores while the remaining 2400 m2 will be made up of restaurants and cafes and some 2000 m2 for office space. The mall has an indoor parking capacity of 2000 m2 and already some 45 local and international brands are ready to open to business in the mall.

Respecting tobacco workers

Bulvar Samsun has over 1400 m2 recreational space displaying some of the most typical elements of Anatolian design and architecture, such as spacious courtyards and a large central space. The center will house culture, arts and entertainment events. A statue has been built in the center of the square in the memory of laborers who worked in tobacco plantations and were important for the country`s economy. The statue measures 2.5 x 1.7 x 1 m. and represents the tobacco plant, a woman and a male figure, designed by sculptor Hakan Karakaya.

Creating a 1000 new jobs

Aziz Torun, Chairman Torunlar REIT and Levent Eyuboglu, Vice Chairman of Turkmall group organized a press meeting in Samsun and promoted the new shopping and lifestyle center. Bulvar Samsun will create 1000 new jobs and is built in the old tobacco plant which had shut down in 1994 until a Cabinet decision in 2006 on gentrification.

In 2009 the Metropolitan Municipality run a tender and the building was leased by Torunlar-Turkmall joint venture for 30 years. The group started the restoration of the building in Q3 of 2010 and reached completion within 25 months. The income generated from the operation of the building and the parking lot owned by the Metropolitan Municipality will pay dividends to the landlord. After 30 years the entire ownership of the building will be transferred to the Municipality.

Exemplary urban gentrification project

Aziz Torun, Chairman Torunlar REIT, highlighted some of the multiple outstanding features of the project. He said that the Bulvar Samsun project is a culmination of the synergy between Torunlar REIT and the extensive experience, knowledge and vision of Turkmall Group. Cooperation between two such highly specialized entities will help unleash value add which is to play an important role in the further development of the industry. Torun reinstated Bulvar Samsun as  an exemplary project for urban renewal and complimented on the store mix, commercial space and the courtyard as well as  restaurants, entertainment and  lifestyle areas which he said will make Bulvar Samsun an important milestone in the social and cultural transformation of the city.

Leasing completed

Levent Eyuboglu, Vice Chairman of the Turkmall Group, called Bulvar Samsun the new meeting point with respect to its novel concept and offerings in Samsun, which is the largest port on the Black Sea. Bulvar Samsun is located in the heart of the city. Levent Eyuboglu reminded us that all the stores have been leased and they are no longer able to cater to other retailers’ demands. Eyuboglu said that the center will be home to regular social, cultural and lifestyle events to attract growing number of visitors from nearby towns and enliven the social life in the city. `All the historical components of the building have been conserved so Bulvar Samsun is bound to become an attraction point for the tourists who visit the Black Sea region. International tourists will get to enjoy a shopping experience, will enjoy the restaurants and the lifestyle events which will take place at the Bulvar, all of which will maximize the added value that we are here to contribute to Samsun.`