Turkmall to develop two shopping centres in Kazakhstan

Turkmall realises two new shopping centre projects in Kazakhstan. Forum Almaty and Forum Atyrau are expected to be opened in 2015.

Turkmall Chairman Hans Otto Nagel visited Doljenkov Viktor Anatolyevich, Deputy Governor of Almaty who is responsible for building & construction works in the city, in his office in Almaty, former capital and the biggest city of Kazakhstan. Informing city planners about Forum Almaty to be developed by Turkmall in the city, Hans Otto Nagel exchanged his opinions about the project with them.

In the heart of Almaty: Forum Almaty

To be developed jointly by Turkmall and Kassanov, Forum Almaty is located in the very heart of the city, at the intersection of two major streets in the financial district of Almaty, former capital of Kazakhstan. With a 68,000 m2 of GLA covering exclusive brands, Forum Almaty will comprise of cinemas, entertainment areas, and a hypermarket as well. The shopping centre is expected to be opened in 2015.

An attractive brand mix in Forum Atyrau

Developed jointly by Turkmall and Isker Group in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, Forum Atyrau will be located on a unique 100,000 m2 of land, surrounded by raceways, on the road that connects the city to the airport. Planned to be the only centre of attraction in the region, Forum Atyrau is designed to meet the expectations of both locals of the region and foreign people dwelling in Kazakhstan.

Forum Atyrau will be a centre of attraction with its high-qualified brand mix, pleasant shopping atmosphere, and social activities as well. 19,800 m2 out of total 39,000 m2 is reserved for retail in Forum Atyrau. The centre will include a hypermarket, a cinema, restaurants and cafes, and a sports centre as well.  The project is scheduled to complete in 2015