UNIQ Istanbul Presents All Colors of Life

Presenting the world of culture, arts, entertainment and business in the very heart of nature, at a location surrounded with historical kiosks, UNIQ Istanbul opens its doors in September.

UNIQ Istanbul met its first visitors in June with the concerts of Travis, Bob Dylan, and Pixies held in Black Box, a concert venue located in the complex. The complex has also introduced to pres members recently with an exclusive event.

UNIQ Istanbul consists of UNIQ Hall, a 1,200-seat congress center, UNIQ Museum, a museum located on a 3,000 m2 of land, and Black Box, a 5,800-seat performance center.

With a concept covering multiple areas related to music and its experienced staff, UNIQ Studio waits for adults and children to meet through a journey from learning the first note to a stage experience.

While UNIQ Lounge covers meeting rooms, offices, stores, restaurants and cafes, UNIQ Istanbul promises a brand new experience for its visitors. Located in the midst of Ayazağa Pavilion, Süvari Kiosk and Tiled Pavilion, the complex gives the opportunity of rediscovering the nature and the amenities of life in Maslak.