Novada Outlet Söke Prepares Children for the Future

Delivering basic information on some professions, Novada Outlet Söke organized training workshops for children between the age of 5 and 12 and lights the way for their future.

Children who are already keen on being a pilot, a fireman or a doctor were introduced to these three professions through the training courses held on 19-20 July, 26-27 July, and 2-3 August. After the creative drama activities, children have received a special certificate of participation and they had the opportunity of having their photo taken with relevant professional uniforms.

“Little Firemen” at Novada Outlet Söke

In the “Little Firemen” workshop held on 19-20 July, children were informed on things to do in case of fire, precautions for fire and firemen’s value for daily life. After taking the creative exercises and visiting the model fire truck exhibition, children drew some pictures and had their photo taken with firemen accessories.

The sky belongs to “Little Pilots” on 26-27 July

With the guidance of professional instructors, children have experienced a thrilling air travel adventure on 26-27 July in Novada Outlet Söke. Reinforced with creative exercises, the children workshop delivered basic information on aviation, such as trainings, duties of pilots and cabin crew, and rules to be obeyed on plane. There were also a model plane exhibition and origami paper plane exercises within the framework of the activities.

Novada Outlet Söke entrusts itself to “Little Doctors” on 2-3 August

Covering creative exercises and illustration of human anatomy, “Little Doctors” workshop introduced the children to symptoms of several diseases and basic information on the profession. After the presentation of basic equipments of a doctor, children had their photos taken with a doctor and nurse visuals.