Investors favour Kazakhstani

Forum Almaty will be opened in 2015 in Kazakhstani, the city that offers great opportunities for investors.

Kazakhstani is one of the favourite locations for Turkish investors investing abroad. Providing a favourable investment and business climate, Kazakhstani is the most rapid growing country of the region and offers great opportunities for investors.

Former capital and the largest city of Kazakhstani, Almaty is one of the most significant centres of Central Asia. The city is the heart of economic and business life in the region, hosting international organisations, prestigious educational institutions, and many cultural events. Aimed to bring dynamism to the city life,  Forum Almaty is being jointly realised with the collaboration of Kassanov Investment Group and Turkmall.

Leased and managed by Turkmall, Forum Almaty is located in the very heart of the city, at the intersection of two major streets in the financial district of the city. Developed on 38,000 m2 of land with 155,000 m2 of construction area and 70,000 m2 of GLA, the project is scheduled to be opened in 2015.