Şanlıurfa and Yozgat will follow Novada Manavgat

Following the incorporation of Novada Manavgat and the second phase of Novada Edremit on Q2 2016, Turkmall will present Novada Park Şanlıurfa and Novada Yozgat this year. The number of links in Turkmall’s Novada chain will increase to a total of 10 with this year’s openings.

NovadaYozgat - Copy
11 Nisan City Park hold a special place in the hearts of Şanlıurfa residents and will be revived with a project suitable with the surroundings and the expectations of the local people. With a project never executed before in Turkey, the park will be arranged to facilitate restaurants, cafes and sales units surrounding it, while the cultural activities will invigorate the local urban life.
Following the opening of Novada Park Şanlıurfa, Novada Yozgat will be opened on a location, 15 minutes walking distance from the city center and present 60 international and local brands becoming the new center of attraction for the city. Located on Adnan Menderes boulevard, a section of Ankara – Sivas intercity highway, Novada Yozgat will be the latest addition to the Novada chain.